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Spyder CCTV Surveillance, trading since 2008 and based in Straffan, County Kildare, Republic of Ireland, is a well respected and established spy and surveillance equipment distributor to the Irish and worldwide marketplace. Our customers range from Large Corporate Organisations, Investigation Agencies and Security Companies both in Ireland & the UK and also across the globe through to the average man or woman on the street.

The company is headed by Irish experienced entrepreneurs with over 21 years combined security, IT & Mobile Telecoms experience that is relevant to this specialised industry. The Spyder CCTV Surveillance team includes Security experts, software developers and technical professionals with a sound knowledge of modern technology. Because of the broad knowledge base and time-served experience of our staff, Spyder CCTV Surveilance above all others, is in the position to offer comprehensive expert advice.

Here at Spyder CCTV Surveilance we are continually evaluating new and innovative products and solutions to retain the position as market leader. We are often asked for a brochure of our products. We are not able to offer one because we are constantly updating our range of quality merchandise, almost on a weekly basis and sometimes faster than that, so not only can you expect the very best, but also the very latest in technology.

Beware of other online retailers offering similar products who simply want you, the customer, to buy their products without offering the backup that you may require. Some of our competitors hide their phone numbers away because they do not want you to contact them other than by e-mail. Spyder CCTV Surveillance has a dedicated team who are there to help you get started, or get the very best out of the products that you buy.

We dont just sell the spy and surveillance equipment, we have a sound working knowledge of the products that we sell because we have tested them in the field. What this means to the end-user is excellent customer support that enables you as a consumer to discuss a solution to suit your needs and make an informed decision before you purchase. After the event you can be sure of after-sales support from our staff.

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