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High Frequency Bug & Wireless Camera Detector
High Frequency Bug and Wireless Camera Detector

Improved beeper size wireless signal detector. This new mini rf bug detector can detect analog or digital devices using radio frequencies from 50Mhz to 6Ghz. Without any professional training you can easily detect hidden wireless spy cameras and miniature bugs in your house, office, bathroom or any where you need privacy.

Now you can protect your privacy and confidential conversations from hidden bugs transmitting Radio Frequency waves as low as 50Mhz up to 6Ghz with this miniature high frequency RF bug detector. It has a digital amplifier for improved signal detection of Bluetooth, WLAN, Wi-FI, cellular phone and digital spread spectrum wireless devices. The RF signal detector has a sensitivity tuner, 3 LED's and three detection modes to alert you when you are getting closer to a device emitting RF waves. With dimensions of 33/8''(h) x 21/8''(w) x 1''(l) and weight of approximately 70 grams it is a compact small lightweight device.
Prod. code: AA-00122
  • RRP: €0.00
  • Price: €74.98 inc. VAT
Spy WIFI Signal and camera lens detector
Spy WIFI Signal and camera lens detector
Not long ago came spy cameras with wireless technology. Now, behold, counter intelligence with a camera lens locator and wireless signal detector. Always stay one step ahead.
Prod. code: AA-00016
  • RRP: €115.00
  • Price: €99.99 inc. VAT

Finally a way of defeating cheating spies or sleazy co workers, by activating this

small box and peering through the viewing window, you will see a reflection from

the iris of the camera enabling easy identification. With 5 different flashing frequencies of the ultra bright LEDs you'll be able to locate even the smallest of cameras with a quick sweep of the room. A simple device that might just save your bacon, get one today and eliminate the paranoia that comes from living in todays constant surveillance society

Anti Wireless camera
Anti Mini camera
Anti Wired camera
Anti Hidden wireless camera
Anti AV recorder
Anti digital camera
Anti spy camera


-Capable to find CMOS and CCD lens
-6 ultra bright LEDs with window view
-5 modes flashing selector
-Rechargeable Lithium battery
-Operation time is 3 hours
-Covered range up to 10 Meter(33feet)
-Dimensions: 63*48*15mm

Package Inclued:
1X Sleuth Camera Detector
1X Power Adapter for Charging

Prod. code: AA-00018
  • RRP: €0.00
  • Price: €99.99 inc. VAT
Mini Bug Detector
Mini Bug Detector
One sweep over a wall, floor, ceiling or suspect device and this miniature RF detector will immediately alert you to the presence of wireless RF bugs or cameras. Effective from 50MHz to 3.0GHz this device covers all wireless cameras, microphones, cellphones, bugs, etc. Uses CR2032 battery (supplied).
Prod. code: AA-00123
  • RRP: €0.00
  • Price: €124.99 inc. VAT
Digi Hunter
Digi Hunter

DIGI-HUNTER * NEW * New Digital Scanner - Key Rings to Cell Phones

* 30MHz-2.8 GHz * Impedance 50 Ohms * Bar graph level * 7- digit LCD display * BNC Whip Antenna * 10 kHz resolution digi * 1 kHz resolution analogue * Internal Ni-Cads * AC charger * Sens. 5 mv approx. * 68 x 80 x 31mm * 210g

At last, a frequency counter that can handle digital and analogue signal. Until now there has not been a generally available digital frequency counter. A normal frequency counter cannot handle digital signals and results in no display. But the DIGI HUNTER has changed all that.

This very small hand-held unit will allow you to check almost any digital device up to 2.8GHz. It is great for key rings, remote devices, portable telephones and digital transmission equipment.

The DIGI COUNTER is supplied with telescopic antenna, AC charger and internal rechargeable battery.

A squelch controls allows adjustment of effective sensitivity and a hold button allows you to freeze the display after it has locked onto a signal.

Prod. code: AA-00060
  • RRP: €345.00
  • Price: €300.00 inc. VAT
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