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Outdoor IP Camera with Sony CCD (Motion Detection, Night Vision)

Outdoor IP Camera with Sony CCD (Motion Detection, Night Vision)
Outdoor IP Camera with Sony CCD (Motion Detection, Night Vision)Outdoor IP Camera with Sony CCD (Motion Detection, Night Vision)Outdoor IP Camera with Sony CCD (Motion Detection, Night Vision)Outdoor IP Camera with Sony CCD (Motion Detection, Night Vision)
Outdoor IP Camera with Sony CCD (Motion Detection, Night Vision)
  • RRP: €361.79
  • €267.30 inc. VAT
  • Product Code: AA-00211

Weatherproof Outdoor IP Camera with 1/3 Inch Sony CCD and Night Vision + Motion Detection

New Weatherproof Outdoor IP Camera with 1/3 Inch Sony CCD and Night Vision + Motion Detection. Are you worried about the security of your house and your valuable assets when you are away from home? You want to know what is happening around your property when sitting 10,000 miles away from it? Get help with the latest in surveillance technology, a weatherproof IP camera with night vision and motion detection ability to protect your home, business and your loved ones.

Why an IP camera? Because only an IP camera can hold an IP address, which is equivalent to a street address on the Internet, so you will be able to find and gain access to its video surveillance via internet from anywhere in the world. Whether you are just out having lunch at Mc Donalds or flying half way around the world to attend a business meeting, you will always be able to access this camera to instantly see who is climbing into your backyard or which of your employees has been lazy.

This Outdoor IP Camera with Sony CCD is constructed with a weatherproof heavy-duty die-cast aluminium casing to protect from wind, dust, rain and snow. It includes a high quality 1/3 Inch Sony CCD sensor provides an amazing 540 TV lines of resolution at 25 frames per second (FPS) for super clear images in all conditions. And when the sun is set and darkness arrives, its sensor will detect a reduction in the amount of light and will automatically switch on its massive array of 42 IR LED's to provide night-time illumination of up to 70 meters.

Even if you are in a place with no internet, no need to worry, because this Outdoor IP Camera with Sony CCD will keep you informed with timed video recording and motion detection. It has built-in functions that will activate an alarm, send you an email alert or even upload video to a website if triggered. Maybe you think one camera is not enough? Buy several and set them up to watch every little corner around your house, and create a security zone that you can monitor from the comfort of your computer.

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At Glance...

  • Outdoor IP Camera (can also be used indoors)
  • SONY CCD for the best IP Camera image you have ever seen!
  • High resolution image with 540 TVL
  • Day and night surveillance with 42 LED IR Nightvision
  • Weatherproof from -10 to 50 degrees C
  • Powerful alarm management and recording function
  • Can manage multiple units in the same system

  • Manufacturer specification:

    • TV System: PAL
    • Primary function: IP Security Camera with Motion Detection
    • Camera Sensor: 1/3"SONY CCD
    • Synchronous System: Internal synchronization
    • Video compression: MPEG 4 / H.264
    • Resolution: 540 TVL
    • Frame rate: 25 frame/sec
    • Mini. Illumination: 0 Lux (IR ON)
    • White Balance: Auto
    • Pattern: Auto
    • Scope: 3200-10000°K
    • IR Distance: 70m
    • Gain Control: Auto
    • S/N Ratio: > 50dB
    • Electronic Shutter: 1/50-1/20000sec
    • Auto Iris: A.E.S
    • Lens: 16mm
    • Viewing Angle: 43.5 degrees
    • Viewing Range: up to 50 meters
    • Video Output: Composite output 1.0V P-P at 75 ohm
    • Gamma: 0.45
    • Weight: 1330 g
    • Working Temperature: -10 to 50 degrees
    • Working Humidity: 0%-90%
    • Network Connectivity: Wired (RJ-45/10-100 Base T)
    • IP Type: Fix or Dynamic
    • Power Supply: DC12V
    • Connector/Wires:
      - DC Power
      - Audio IN
      - Audio OUT
      - External Alarm
      - Reset Button
      - RJ-45 Ethernet
    • System Default IP Address:

    • Recording Specifications:
      - Image format: JPEG
      - Image resolution: 720 x 576
      - Video format: ASF
      - Video quality: 720 x 576 at 25 FPS
      - Video file size: around 5 MB per minute.

    • System Requirement for Software:
      - CPU: Pentium 2.0 GHz or above
      - Memory: At least 256 MB
      - Video Card: TNT 2 or better
      - Web Browser: IE 6.0 or newer
      - Direct X: 9.0
      - OS: Windows 2000 or Windows XP (32 bit)

    Product note:

    • Camera is weatherproof and designed to work under wet and snow conditions.
    • Built-in alarm system, can be configured to send alarm signal via external method such as alarm system, FTP, Email, etc.
    • Fun uses include watching the neighbour sunbathe on the weekends.
    • To help transfer images with good speed and quality, captured video is compress in H.264/MPEG4 standard to save bandwidth and minimise lose of detail.

    Package Content:

    • IP Camera unit
    • Power Adapter
    • Wall mount assembly
    • Manual
    • Software CD

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    • What does IP stand For?
      IP stands for Internet Protocol
    • Do I have to turn night vision on manually?
      No. This camera has a light sensor that detects light levels. It switches to IR mode automatically.
    • Do you connect cables from the camera outside to your computer or is it cordless?
      The device is not wireless/cordless, you will need to connect cables from the camera to the computer.
    • Do you always have to always keep the computer on to be always on guard?
      The computer does not have to be switched on, the camera has its own power supply.
    • Can I buy several of this camera and have them installed in the same network?
      Yes, you can. You can also mix and match the I44 with I45 to setup on the same network and controlled by a single software system.
    • How do I setup my IP camera?
      Here is a brief instruction on how to setup your I44 Outdoor IP Camera to the same LAN as your computer. If you have problem, please seek computer professionals for help.

      - Install software from the CD to your computer. Disconnect your computer from LAN.

      - Connect the I44 to your computer via an Ethernet cable (direct connection, not through an router or hub), and manually change the IP address of your computer to

      - Open the "Server Tools" program, you should be able to see the IP camera listed,

      - Double click on it and change its IP address to either dynamic IP address or to a fix IP address that is part of your LAN. For example, if the original IP address of your computer in LAN is, you can change the IP address of IP camera to 192.168.0.*, where * is any number that has not been used.

      - Disconnect the IP camera from your computer, re-connect it to your LAN and change the IP address of your computer back to the original IP address.

      - Open the "Server Tools" program, you should now be able to see the IP camera as part of your LAN.
    • What is the default user-name and password of the software?
      You can use "admin" for the User-name/password or just leave it blank.
    • Can this camera upload videos with motion detection function?
      No, it can only upload pictures.

** The Spy devices we sell are not intended for illegal use or for causing harm. We do not take any responsibility for damage or harm caused by misuse of these products. The user/purchaser takes full responsibility to obey all effective & relevant laws in his/her country, which may prohibit usage of such a product.

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